The Computer Science Department at Colorado State University offers a program of study leading to the Master of Computer Science Degree. This is a professional, coursework-only, degree (as opposed to the more research-oriented Master of Science degree). This program may be completed, in whole or in part, by means of online course work offered through the CSU Online.


Information and program requirements for all graduate degrees can be found in the Graduate Student Manual (GSM). This is a good starting point for anyone looking for a graduate program in the Computer Science Department. The GSM was recently updated, and students starting in 2020 will follow the new requirements. Current students have the option of following either the earlier or the new requirements.


Once the department receives a complete application, the admissions committee reviews the application and promptly notifies the applicant of their decision.

Students may be admitted for fall or spring semesters.

NOTE ON GRE for MCS applicants: The GRE is strongly recommended for domestic applicants but not required (see note on international candidates below).

High GRE scores, especially on the quantitative section may help a student to obtain a more favorable admission recommendation

International M.C.S. Applicants: If you do not have a transcript from a university located in the U.S., you must submit GRE scores. A minimum of 75th percentile on the quantitative section is required for your application to be considered.


Our online M.C.S. program is one of the most well established and highly ranked in the nation. Our graduates have gone on to work for many major computer companies. CSU has had a particularly close relationship with Hewlett Packard: CSU is one of the top five universities in the world providing employees for HP, drawing from both on-campus and online students.

* Courses in the online program are identical to those offered on campus and are indistinguishable from on-campus courses on the CSU transcript. This is also true of the degree itself.

The Computer Science Department offers an online program leading to a Master of Computer Science degree (MCS) via the Internet from an accredited research university. The non-thesis Master of Computer Science is a coursework-only professional degree that can be completed from anywhere in the world completely online via the world wide web.

A broad overview of our online masters program and registration information is available by clicking on the CSU Online button below.

To Apply:

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In collaboration with CSU Online, we offer students the option of completing online, some of the course requirements of the on-campus M.S. or the M.C.S.  In consultation with your advisor, you may start online and finish on-campus, vice-versa, or a hybrid combination thereof.