Below is a list of our active research awards and gifts. Awards are sorted by award date (most recent first). For more information on a specific project, please contact the faculty member(s) listed for each item. Gifts are listed alphabetically by faculty recipient and appear at the bottom of the page.


Theme 3: Ag-Forestry-AI (AgFoAI): AI Institute for Agriculture and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Shrideep Pallickara
NSF (11/7/23-5/31/2028)

An AI Tutoring System for Pollinator Conservation Community Science Training
Sarath Sreedharan
NSF (10/25/23-8/31/26)

Collaborative Research: EAGER: MedAn: A Framework for Investigating Live Medical Data against Privacy Laws
Indrakshi Ray
NSF (10/1/23-9/30/25)

Protecting Cyber Physical Systems using NIST Next Generation Access Control
Indrakshi Ray
DOC-NIST (8/14/23-8/14/26)

A deep learning predictive analytics platform for plant genomics
Asa Ben-Hur
DOE (8/8/23-10/31/24)

Human-Assisted Cyber Reasoning Systems And Oppositional Human Factors
Indrakshi Ray
DOD-NSA (4/12/23-4/24/24)

CPS: Medium: Making Every Drop Count: Accounting for Spatiotemporal Variability of Water Needs for Proactive Scheduling of Variable Rate Irrigation Systems
Sangmi Pallickara, Shrideep Pallickara, Jay Breidt (Statistics), Jeffrey Niemann (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Allan Andales (Soil and Crop Sciences )
NSF (8/1/2023-7/31/2026)

Colorado State/Front Range: CIC TRANSFER PATHWAYS
Craig Partridge
Northeastern University (6/8/2023-8/6/2026)

Collaborative Research: AF: Small: Sampling and Optimization under Global Constraints
Ewan Davies
NSF (5/17/2023-7/30/2028)

CAREER: Designing Robust Cyber-Physical Systems: Logics, Automata, Optimization, and Heuristic Methods
Vinayak Prabhu
NSF (5/10/2023-4/30/2028)

Collaborative Research: FMitF: Track I: Game Theoretic Updates for Network and Cloud Functions
Jedidiah McClurg
NSF (3/30/2023-2/8/2025)

Assessing Cognitive Load and Managing Extraneous Load to Optimize Training
Francisco Ortega
Navy ONR (3/23/2023-10/31/2025)

CAREER: HCC: Microgesture and Multimodal Interaction Techniques for Augmented Reality
Francisco Ortega
NSF (2/24/2023-6/30/2028)

FMitF: Track I: Robust Enforcement of Customizable Resource Constraints in Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
Jedidiah McClurg
NSF (12/9/2022-10/31/2024)

NSF Convergence Accelerator Track G: ZENIX: Mission-Driven Edge Intelligence to Counter Advanced Persistent 5G Threats
Indrajit Ray
NSF (10/4/2022-7/30/2024)

AI Institute: Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Sciences
Charles Anderson
NSF (10/25/2021-10/31/2025)

Institute for Student-AI Teaming
Nikhil Krishnaswamy
NSF (10/15/2021-9/30/2024)

Ego-Centric Emotion Recognition using Augmented Reality Headsets
Francisco Ortega
DARPA (10/13/2021-2/28/2024)

Perceptual/Cognitive Aspects of Augmented Reality: Experimental Research and a Computational Model
Francisco Ortega
Office of Naval Research (6/24/2021-9/30/2024)

I/UCRC Phase II: Center for Cybersecurity Analytics and Automation CCAA
Indrakshi Ray
NSF (5/17/2021-2/28/2025)

CRII: CHS: Understanding Gesture User Behavior in Augmented Reality Headsets
Francisco Ortega
NSF (8/1/2020-9/30/2024)

CC* Integration-Small: Error Free File Transfer for Big Science
Craig Partridge, Anton Betten, and Susmit Shannigrahi
NSF (7/1/2020-6/30/2024)

Program Optimization with Data-Specific Compilation
Louis-Noel Pouchet
NSF (7/1/2020-7/30/2024)

Frameworks: Collaborative Proposal: Software Infrastructure for Transformative Urban Sustainability Research
Shrideep Pallickara
NSF (10/1/2019-9/30/2024)

RI: Small: Sparse Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Systems: Optimal Neuron Selection and Generalization
Darrell Whitley
NSF (10/1/2019-10/31/2024)

CAREER: Staging Compilers for Heterogeneous Platforms
Louis-Noel Pouchet
NSF (2/1/2018-2/29/2024)


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