An outstanding track record: Soccer player turned track star proves her worth as a student athlete
Computer science students awarded at CSU undergraduate research showcase
Student hackers take control, learn how to protect transportation infrastructure
Rachel Masters honored with prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
New online bachelor of science sees explosive growth

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Colorado State University! Computer science is a pioneering, multidisciplinary field with explosive growth and opportunity. Whether you are an on campus or online student, here you will be part of a diverse living and learning community committed to your success.


Your degree program will provide a complete, well-rounded experience that includes rigorous, collaborative coursework and training in computing fundamentals and broad educational, scientific, and engineering experience. You will also benefit from our industry connections who help ensure your perspective and skills are state of the art.


As an undergraduate or graduate student, you will develop your intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills and apply them to practical problems in new and creative ways. Come work with us on our groundbreaking research — let’s discover!


Computer science is a challenging and rewarding discipline. We are here to help you every step of the way.


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Future Students


Future Students


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School is only one part of life. When it is time to feed your wellbeing, you can enjoy participating in department and CSU groups and activities, exploring our nationally award-winning city of Fort Collins, visiting Denver just an hour away, or simply relaxing and playing in our spectacular Rocky Mountain outdoors.


Future Students


Future Students


Future Students


Future Students

Whatever path you choose after your degree, you will be able to confidently pursue the many exciting opportunities computer science has to offer. Let’s talk about your future in computer science:


NSF-backed research seeks to provide new, precise irrigation tools to producers

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at CSU are working with farmers to proactively schedule and better monitor irrigation use in their fields using sensors, satellite imagery and deep learning technology.

Welcoming the new Chair of the Department of Computer Science: Bruce Draper

Bruce Draper assumed the role of Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Colorado State University, leveraging his rich academic history and groundbreaking research in human-avatar interaction and AI to lead the department towards new frontiers in technology and education.

Exploring the future of human-robot interaction: CSU’s latest addition to the laboratory

Colorado State University’s Department of Computer Science has introduced Shakey Jr., a state-of-the-art robot aimed to advance human-robot interactions. This innovative creation has applications in household chores, caregiving and industrial tasks, signifying a new era of human-machine collaboration.

AI 101: Computer Science professor explains common artificial intelligence terms

Professor Bruce Draper explains common AI terms and helps make sense of what they mean for those of us with human intelligence.