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We are innovators engaged in transformative, interdisciplinary research and education that advances the dynamic field of computer science. We value creativity and initiative, and we leverage the power of diverse teams and perspectives to devise practical solutions for complex, global problems. Everyone contributes to our mission – faculty, staff, students, collaborators, alumni, and the community. No matter what your interests, there’s a place for you in the Department of Computer Science.


Celebrating our Spring 2024 Outstanding Grads

Join us in celebrating our esteemed College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Grads for Spring 2024 Commencement.

CASE project update: BMES to help CSU student with adaptive vehicle controls

The Controls and Steering Engineering (CASE) adaptive vehicle control senior design project received a donated vehicle for this year’s E-Days.

CSU Department of Computer Science celebrates 50th anniversary

This year the Department of Computer Science marks a half-century studying and harnessing computing to improve people’s lives and shape the future of technology.

Researchers highlight potential cybersecurity threats to trucking industry, supply chain

Researchers at Colorado State University have published a new paper that details vulnerabilities in commercial trucking systems that could allow hackers to take control of, steal data from, or even disrupt entire fleets by spreading malware unnoticed between vehicles.